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Couples Therapy


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Happy Couple


I provide therapy services in person to residents of Manhattan Kansas. My specialties include couples work, especially around financial conflict. My goal is to help you learn to identify and express the emotions that keep you stuck in any problematic patterns and move forward to more healthy behaviors for your life.

Virtual Conference


Don't live in Kansas? No problem! I provide financial therapy coaching virtually. While coaching services are distinct from typical therapy services (see FAQ page), many of the skills developed in coaching parallel that of therapy sessions. I will work to help you identify financial patterns that hold you back, and begin making change that shifts your entire relationship with money.



Therapy Services

Therapy sessions typically last 45-50 minutes. My rate is $125 per session. Unfortunately couples therapy is rarely covered by insurance (due to a requirement for a diagnosis) and financial therapy is not currently covered by any insurance company. Private pay is all that is accepted at the moment.

$165 / HOUR

Coaching Services

Coaching sessions follow a similar format to therapy with slightly longer session length (55-60  minute sessions). This is to account for the slower pace that is inherent in virtual meetings. Coaching services are also private pay.

$95 - 165 / HOUR

Sliding Fee Scale

Therapy and coaching are investments in your emotional and financial well being. However, not everyone is able to pay for these services, especially without insurance coverage. That is why I offer a sliding scale upon request where your fee is based on your household income. A household income of $65k per less will be charged $95 per session. As household income increases, the scale "slides" to match ability to pay.

For Public: Price List
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