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Putting people at the center of what you do.

You care a lot about your clients and you want to offer the services that would really change their life for the better. However, people don't change as easy as the numbers on the spreadsheet do. Maybe you have found that your clients don't stick to the plan you've laid out for them. Perhaps you sense that other life issues are getting in the way of their financial goals. Sometimes, you just feel stuck.

Relational Money will help you engage compassionately with your clients and give you the skills and tools you need. Learn to engage with your clients in holistic, therapeutic, evidenced-based approaches and take your work to the next level with our Financial Therapy Skills 101 training.

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For Professionals: Testimonials

"For those seeking a better way to connect and communicate with their clients, this Financial Therapy course was the perfect fit!  Nathan distilled the core concepts of financial therapy into an easy-to-follow format, while also allowing plenty of time for participants to role-play and ask questions. No matter your experience level as a coach or advisor, you're bound to learn something new that you can immediately put into practice!"

Grace Kim, Financial Coach and Educator at Richer Life DVM

Financial therapy is more than helping people manage their finances, it's about changing the way they think, feel, and behave. It is holistic, theoretically-driven, and evidence-based.

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